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Alarm Annunciators

Alarm Annunciators

Alarm Annunciators
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No of Points
8 / 12 / 16
Power Supply
230 V AC / 110 V AC
Bazel Size
96 X 96 mm 2 points,
192 X 96 mm 4 points,
192 X 192 mm 8 points
Window indication
Super bright Red LED's
45 mm X 45 mm
NO / NC potential free contact
Relay change over contact.
Push Buttons
No type. Push buttons to be connected externally & it can be common for all multiple units.
Operating Sequence
* Manual reset * Auto reset * First up. Ring back (optional)
Standard basic module of 8 points with 3 segments for power supply, main circuit & display facia.
Suitable for fluish mounting on panel door with mounting clamps.
Supply voltage range between 24V AC to 220V AC as per requirements.
Very powerful single chip microprocessor control & monitors total functions.
Brighter LED window illuminations.
Flame proof housing optionally available.