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Supervisory Data Acquisition

Supervisory Data Acquisition / Control System Lectroposs

Supervisory Data Acquisition / Control System Lectroposs
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R. S. PROCESS SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. Supervisory Data Acquisition / Control System consists of a PC-based operator Station connected to network GENIE-951 series stand-alone controllers and instruments, over a RS - 485 serial communication system. A powerful, user-friendly software package al lows user to control all field functions from the PC Operator Station Man-Machine Interface. Distances upto 1 km (expandable by Repeater Stations) and upto 256 nodes (instruments) make the R. S. PROCESS SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. System ideal for small-to-medium plants and installations, the System also supports specific makes of hardware like PLC's and Controllers (please refer to us for details).

The System handles Real Time Control via front-end Single Loop Controllers, ensuring single loop integrity. Data Acquisition functions are handled through multiple front-end multiplexing stations, ensuring faster data collection,. Complex functions like integration/totalization, flow computation and batching, sequencing / batch / logic operations are achieved through front-end dedicated controllers ensuring control integrity at all times. This functional and physical distributed control feature ensures low system installation and operational/maintenance costs, expand ability and flexibility.

Software Menu-driven software (in MS - DOS environment) allows system configuration and operation. Following display / control functions are provided

Short Term Trending
Parameter Display
Superimposed Trending
Group / Bargraphs
Historical Trending
Alarm Annunciator
Process Graphic (Mimics)
Alarm Summar
Off-line data computations
Data Logging
Report Generation
Off-line operations
      The system also supports and is available with popularly available WINDOWS-based Process Control Software packages from us.